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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

URGENT NOTICE - Cancellation of West District Group 7 Championships

Dear Swimmers, Parents and Technical Officials


Due to the ongoing adverse weather conditions and the poor driving conditions in many areas

I have decided to cancel the Championships at Cumbernauld this weekend.


The safety of all personnel is my first priority and there is no sense in putting people at risk

for the sake of a swim meet. Everything has to be kept in perspective.


Can you please ensure that this decision/information is communicated to anybody/everybody

in your Club that may have been going to the Meet.


As well as swimmers/parents/coaches etc., please remember any Technical Officials who are

in your Club but no longer have children swimming.


I appreciate that certain areas of District may not be affected as badly as others, but as I write

the snow is falling very heavily in Hamilton and has been all morning and feedback from

Swimming Committee members over the last 24hrs from other areas has contributed to my



Knowing my luck, we will have the thaw of the century by Friday, but I feel decision better made

now than at last minute.




John Deans

West District Swimming Convenor