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Friday, 26 June 2009

Summer Training Plan

Monday 29 June No Training
Tuesday 30 June - Sunday 26 July
Monday          4.30-6.30pm Gold and SA squad swimmers Uni
                     6.30-8.30pm SA and SB Uni

Tuesday         5.45-7.45am Gold Uni
                     6.30-8pm Gold SA Uni
                     Peak as normal BB, BA, SB

Wednesday    4.30-6.30pm Gold Uni
                     5.30-6.30pm Land SA SB Uni

Thursday       5.45-7.45am Gold Uni
                    6.30-8pm Gold / SA Uni
                    6.30-8pm Peak BA / SB

Friday           6-7.30am Gold / SA Peak

Saturday All squads as normal Uni
Monday 27 July - Thursday 30 July - Summer Camp
Friday 31st July - Sunday 16th August NO TRAINING
Monday 17th August Training resumes all squads at Peak / School Pools
Saturday 22nd August Training resumes all Squads Uni

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

West District Group 5 - Ayr Sprint meet

If you plan to swim at this meet, please insure you inform by June 30 as entry file will be prepared then.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Upcoming Season Calendar

Please note meets for next season have been added to the Events Calender
Please note West District Group 5 - Sprint meet in Ayr will not be a coached meet, however we will process entries for those who wish to attend a sprint meet.
You will soon receive a Gala Entry Form, make sure you complete and return.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Stirling Swimming Awards – 14th June 2009

Bronze Squad

Improvement in Distance Test – Sally Kirkpatrick

Improvement in Distance Test – Callum Presland

Improvement in Kick Test – Megan Aitkin

Improvement in kick Test – Logan Henderson

Special Achievement Award for Exceptional Effort – Creag Doctor

For exceptional effort, both in the pool and in land training. Creag always tries his hardest to ensure that his technique is as good as it can be. He always pays attention during each session and never gets the sets wrong! Creag is very determined and always gives 100% to whatever we do in training

Special Achievement Award for Exceptional Effort - Emma Rose

This is for her rapid progression and improvement over recent months. Her effort in training has been fantastic and she is now reaping the rewards for all of her hard work

Silver Squad

Improvement in Distance Test – Nicola Allen

Improvement in Distance Test – Douglas Ormiston

Improvement in Kick Test – Nicole Govan

Improvement in Kick Test – Scott MacArthur

Special Achievement Award for Exceptional – Nikoline Laidlaw

For putting exceptional effort into improving her kick

Gold Squad

Improvement in Kick Test – Katie McKenna

Improvement in Kick Test – Steven Binnie

Special Achievement Award for Paralymic World Cup Gold Medals – Jim Anderson & Charlotte Henshaw

Special Awards - Squad membership

Scottish Institute of Sport and Scottish Senior Gold Squad – Martin Cremin

Scottish Senior Bronze Squad – Steven Binnie

Scottish national Youth development Squad –

Kayrine Kelly
Nicole Govan
Stephanie Hanley

West District Regional Squad –

Kevin Dickson
Katie McKenna
Nikoline Laidlaw
Claire Wilson
Scott MacArthur

Special Awards - National Representation

Selected to represent Scotland at the UK School Games – Kayrine Kelly

Selected to represent Great Britain as part of the GB Youth Open Water team at the French Open Water Cup – Martin Cremin

Jim Anderson in Queen’s Birthday Honours List

Stirling Swimming's Jim Anderson was named in the Queen's Birthday
Honours list announced at the weekend. Jim is set to receive an OBE in
recognition of his services to swimming and Paralympic sport.

An MBE recipient in the 2005 New Year Honours list, Anderson (46) said
"I was shocked when I got the letter from the palace as I wasn't
expecting anything". The five times Paralympian from Broxburn is not
letting up any and is hard in training for the IPC European
Championships to be held later this year in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Jim returned form Beijing with four medals to take his total Paralympic
medal tally to seventeen, including six gold, four of which came from
the Athens Paralympics in 2004.

Session Times at Scottish Nationals

Sessions will be the same for each day apart from Sunday.

Morning Afternoon Finals

Warm Up: 07.30 Warm Up: 12.15 Warm Up: 16.45

Start: 09.15 Start 13.30 Start: 17.45

Sunday Only

Warm Up: 07.30 Warm Up: 12.15 Warm Up: 15.30

Start: 09.15 Start: 13.30 Start 16.45

Scottish swimming statement on swimwear for the British gas Scottish national championships

The British Gas Scottish National Swimming Championships will be conducted under FINA and SASA Rules (SASA SW2.0.1.2) and the following will apply in relation to swimwear.

1. The swimmer can only wear one swimsuit (FINA GR 5.3); nothing else can be worn underneath.
2. The swimsuit shall not cover the neck and shall not extend past the shoulders nor past the ankles (FINA GR 5.3).
3. The swimsuit must be –
a) A swimsuit model that is approved by FINA and is listed as such on the FINA website ( at 7.30pm on 24 June 2009.

b) A swimsuit model approved by FINA prior to 2009 and made of full textile material (lycra, nylon, etc) even if not resubmitted for reapproval provided they effectively fulfil the requirements set forth in the Transitory Regulations (Dubai Charter) including notably the shape requirement (no sleeves), requirement that double layers must be stuck together and all other requirements set forth in the Regulations (FINA statement on 5 June 2009).

c) (i) A male swimsuit that covers at most the body surface from hips to upper thigh. Swimwear may not extend above the waist or below the mid-point of the thigh;
(ii) A female swimsuit that is of “open back” and “open shoulder” designs that must not extend below the mid-point of the thigh.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Morning session cancelled on Wednesday 24/6/09

Due to Nationals, morning session is cancelled on Wednesday 24/6/09

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Silver A training at University tonite

Silver A will train at University at 6.30 - 8.30 pm on Tuesday June 16
as Scott Nelson is sick.

West District Group 4 Meet - Tollcross - June 20-21

Please note list of accepted/rejected/reserve swims are posted at
If you need to check you can also see programme here.

Note: Group 4 Championships TollCross Pool - Poolside Instructions and Operating Procedures

The overall objective is to operate the Meet as would be done in traditional pools like East Kilbride, Ayr and Larkhall, where there is complete segregation of the Spectator Gallery and Poolside.
1. Every swimmer, coach and spectator MUST visualise a Virtual Glass Wall between the Spectator Gallery and Poolside. No access will be allowed, by Glasgow Leisure Pool Staff, between the Spectator Gallery and poolside, except for Organisers at Start End of Pool. The primary objective is to separate Dry and Wet areas and minimise the need for additional Stewarding by the District, for which we have no resource.
2. ALL swimmers and coaches from Clubs participating in the Meet will be seated in the area immediately in front of the windows, on the opposite side of the pool from the Spectators Gallery.
3. The Marshalling Area will be located at the Start end of the pool on the window side.
4. Swimmers and Coaches MUST enter and exit the poolside area via the Changing Village. Swimmers who want/require to get access to Spectator Gallery MUST wear dry clothing and shoes and access it via the Main Entrance stairs from the Foyer.

The success of the Meet and future use of Tollcross, by the District, is dependant on the above Procedures being carried out. Please do not waste the Organisers time by trying to “bend” the rules, it will only impact the ongoing
success of our Championships programme.

NO access from Gallery to Pool
ALL access to poolside via Changing Village
ALL swimmers and coaches seated on poolside
Only access to Gallery via Main Entrance and Stairs

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Scottish National Championships - confirmed swims

The following swimmers have confirmed swims at the Scottish National Championships:

Thursday June 25
Session 1: Andrew Hunter, Jak Scott, Stuart Greig, Claire Dawson, Lucy Ellis, Jamie Ross, Steven Binnie, Stephanie Hanley, Kevin Dickson, Kayrine Kelly, Jade Williams, Johnathan Greig
Session 2: Jade Williams, Nicole Govan, Kayrine Kelly, Genna Doctor, Kevin Dickson, James Anderson, Rosie Ogg, Katie McKenna, Stephanie Hanley, Nikoline Laidlaw, Claire Wilson, Louise Williams, Jennifer Rogerson,
Session 3: Martin Cremin, + the Girls Relay team A&B 4x200 freestyle
Friday June 26
Session 4: Johnathan Greig, Martin Cremin, Fiona Gray, Stuart Greig, Stephanie Hanley, Nicole Govan, Jamie Evans, Claire Dawson, Lucy Ellis, Rosie Ogg, Jamie Ross, Steven Binnie, Kayrine Kelly,
Session 5: Kayrine Kelly, Nicole Govan, Genna Doctor, Andrew Loudon, Moven Bruce, Jennifer Rogerson, Jade Williams, Claire Wilson, Genna Doctor, Katie McKenna,
Saturday June 27
Session 7: Jamie Evans, Steven Binnie, Jamie Ross, Stephanie Hanley, Kayrine Kelly, Jade Williams, Jak Scott, Fiona Gray, Martin Cremin,
Session 8: Rosie Ogg, Kayrine Kelly, Katie McKenna, Nikoline Laidlaw, Jade Williams, Allan Gray, Nicole Govan, Claire Wilson, Genna Doctor, Louise Williams, Kevin Dickson, Andrew Loudon, James Anderson, Jennifer Rogerson, Morven Bruce, Catriona Rogerson,
Session 9: Girsl Relay team A&B 4x100 freestyle
Sunday June 28
Session 10: Stuart Greig, Jamie Evans, Claire Dawson, Lucy Ellis, Andrew Hunter, Johnathan Greig, Jak Scott, Fiona Gray, Nicole Govan, Steven Binnie, Jamie Ross, Martin Cremin, Kayrine Kelly, Nikoline Laidlaw,
Session 11: Kevin Dickson, Rosie Ogg, Katie McKenna, Stephanie Hanley, Kayrine Kelly, Nicole Govan, Martin Cremin, Kevin Dickson, Andrew Loudon, Morven Bruce, Jennifer Rogerson, Ross Kirkwood, James Anderson, Jade Williams, Genna Doctor,
Session 12: Girls Relay team A&B 4x100 medley

For details of programme and to double check your swims please refer to the Scottish Website where you will find the programmes 

Monday, 1 June 2009

Last chance for BBQ tickets

Please note that tickets for the Club BBQ on June 14 will be sold at the Peak on June 2 and at the University on Saturday June 5.
Dont miss out on a great event.