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Friday, 26 June 2009

Summer Training Plan

Monday 29 June No Training
Tuesday 30 June - Sunday 26 July
Monday          4.30-6.30pm Gold and SA squad swimmers Uni
                     6.30-8.30pm SA and SB Uni

Tuesday         5.45-7.45am Gold Uni
                     6.30-8pm Gold SA Uni
                     Peak as normal BB, BA, SB

Wednesday    4.30-6.30pm Gold Uni
                     5.30-6.30pm Land SA SB Uni

Thursday       5.45-7.45am Gold Uni
                    6.30-8pm Gold / SA Uni
                    6.30-8pm Peak BA / SB

Friday           6-7.30am Gold / SA Peak

Saturday All squads as normal Uni
Monday 27 July - Thursday 30 July - Summer Camp
Friday 31st July - Sunday 16th August NO TRAINING
Monday 17th August Training resumes all squads at Peak / School Pools
Saturday 22nd August Training resumes all Squads Uni