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Thursday, 11 June 2009

Scottish National Championships - confirmed swims

The following swimmers have confirmed swims at the Scottish National Championships:

Thursday June 25
Session 1: Andrew Hunter, Jak Scott, Stuart Greig, Claire Dawson, Lucy Ellis, Jamie Ross, Steven Binnie, Stephanie Hanley, Kevin Dickson, Kayrine Kelly, Jade Williams, Johnathan Greig
Session 2: Jade Williams, Nicole Govan, Kayrine Kelly, Genna Doctor, Kevin Dickson, James Anderson, Rosie Ogg, Katie McKenna, Stephanie Hanley, Nikoline Laidlaw, Claire Wilson, Louise Williams, Jennifer Rogerson,
Session 3: Martin Cremin, + the Girls Relay team A&B 4x200 freestyle
Friday June 26
Session 4: Johnathan Greig, Martin Cremin, Fiona Gray, Stuart Greig, Stephanie Hanley, Nicole Govan, Jamie Evans, Claire Dawson, Lucy Ellis, Rosie Ogg, Jamie Ross, Steven Binnie, Kayrine Kelly,
Session 5: Kayrine Kelly, Nicole Govan, Genna Doctor, Andrew Loudon, Moven Bruce, Jennifer Rogerson, Jade Williams, Claire Wilson, Genna Doctor, Katie McKenna,
Saturday June 27
Session 7: Jamie Evans, Steven Binnie, Jamie Ross, Stephanie Hanley, Kayrine Kelly, Jade Williams, Jak Scott, Fiona Gray, Martin Cremin,
Session 8: Rosie Ogg, Kayrine Kelly, Katie McKenna, Nikoline Laidlaw, Jade Williams, Allan Gray, Nicole Govan, Claire Wilson, Genna Doctor, Louise Williams, Kevin Dickson, Andrew Loudon, James Anderson, Jennifer Rogerson, Morven Bruce, Catriona Rogerson,
Session 9: Girsl Relay team A&B 4x100 freestyle
Sunday June 28
Session 10: Stuart Greig, Jamie Evans, Claire Dawson, Lucy Ellis, Andrew Hunter, Johnathan Greig, Jak Scott, Fiona Gray, Nicole Govan, Steven Binnie, Jamie Ross, Martin Cremin, Kayrine Kelly, Nikoline Laidlaw,
Session 11: Kevin Dickson, Rosie Ogg, Katie McKenna, Stephanie Hanley, Kayrine Kelly, Nicole Govan, Martin Cremin, Kevin Dickson, Andrew Loudon, Morven Bruce, Jennifer Rogerson, Ross Kirkwood, James Anderson, Jade Williams, Genna Doctor,
Session 12: Girls Relay team A&B 4x100 medley

For details of programme and to double check your swims please refer to the Scottish Website where you will find the programmes