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Thursday, 18 June 2009

Scottish swimming statement on swimwear for the British gas Scottish national championships

The British Gas Scottish National Swimming Championships will be conducted under FINA and SASA Rules (SASA SW2.0.1.2) and the following will apply in relation to swimwear.

1. The swimmer can only wear one swimsuit (FINA GR 5.3); nothing else can be worn underneath.
2. The swimsuit shall not cover the neck and shall not extend past the shoulders nor past the ankles (FINA GR 5.3).
3. The swimsuit must be –
a) A swimsuit model that is approved by FINA and is listed as such on the FINA website ( at 7.30pm on 24 June 2009.

b) A swimsuit model approved by FINA prior to 2009 and made of full textile material (lycra, nylon, etc) even if not resubmitted for reapproval provided they effectively fulfil the requirements set forth in the Transitory Regulations (Dubai Charter) including notably the shape requirement (no sleeves), requirement that double layers must be stuck together and all other requirements set forth in the Regulations (FINA statement on 5 June 2009).

c) (i) A male swimsuit that covers at most the body surface from hips to upper thigh. Swimwear may not extend above the waist or below the mid-point of the thigh;
(ii) A female swimsuit that is of “open back” and “open shoulder” designs that must not extend below the mid-point of the thigh.