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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Note: Group 4 Championships TollCross Pool - Poolside Instructions and Operating Procedures

The overall objective is to operate the Meet as would be done in traditional pools like East Kilbride, Ayr and Larkhall, where there is complete segregation of the Spectator Gallery and Poolside.
1. Every swimmer, coach and spectator MUST visualise a Virtual Glass Wall between the Spectator Gallery and Poolside. No access will be allowed, by Glasgow Leisure Pool Staff, between the Spectator Gallery and poolside, except for Organisers at Start End of Pool. The primary objective is to separate Dry and Wet areas and minimise the need for additional Stewarding by the District, for which we have no resource.
2. ALL swimmers and coaches from Clubs participating in the Meet will be seated in the area immediately in front of the windows, on the opposite side of the pool from the Spectators Gallery.
3. The Marshalling Area will be located at the Start end of the pool on the window side.
4. Swimmers and Coaches MUST enter and exit the poolside area via the Changing Village. Swimmers who want/require to get access to Spectator Gallery MUST wear dry clothing and shoes and access it via the Main Entrance stairs from the Foyer.

The success of the Meet and future use of Tollcross, by the District, is dependant on the above Procedures being carried out. Please do not waste the Organisers time by trying to “bend” the rules, it will only impact the ongoing
success of our Championships programme.

NO access from Gallery to Pool
ALL access to poolside via Changing Village
ALL swimmers and coaches seated on poolside
Only access to Gallery via Main Entrance and Stairs