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Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Gala Entry Procedure - Apologies

As a Club we would like to apologise to those swimmers who handed in their gala forms but did not get entered into the Central Gala. Unfortunately our system for collecting and recording which swimmers should be registered for which galas has shown a weakness.  Firstly we would like to assure all swimmers that we will introduce procedures to allow them to personally check that their gala form has been received and recorded.  After the deadline for submitting gala forms we will post the registered swimmers/galas on the Club website and also on the University noticeboard, to allow everyone to double check.  We appreciate that no system is water tight.  Over the last 4 years the Club has endeavoured to gradually improve the gala entry process to ensure that all its swimmers are entered into the appropriate meets allowing them to compete as much as possible throughout the year.  Our current procedure, although it has shown flaws this time, has allowed a much larger number of swimmers to enter galas than we have had before, having said that once again the Club offers its sincere apologies to those swimmers affected by this recent problem.


Henriette Laidlaw

President Stirling Swimming