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Friday, 27 August 2010

AGM - September 21, Forthbank

Please note the AGM will be held at Forthbank on September 21 at 6pm to 7.30pm

All parents are invited.

At the AGM the following changes to the constitution will be proposed by the committee

Stirling Swimming
Governance Documentation – Issue 2
Proposed Amendments
(New version will be issue 3)

Proposals A - covers Parents and/or Guardians membership.
Proposals B - follows the stance on examiners and auditors taken by Scottish Swimming.
Proposals C - are as a result of the changes to the Scottish Swimming Governance Documents in 2010.

·         Blue text is new text.
·         Text being removed or replaced is scored through.
·         Paragraphs starting with “C” are for the constitution those with “BL” are for the bye laws.

Proposals A - Parents and/or Guardians membership.
Proposal A1
Add in a new paragraph C3.2 and renumber paragraphs C3.2 to C3.6 to C3.3 to C3.7.
C3.2     It is a condition of membership of any swimmer under the age of 18 who is a member of the Bronze, Silver or Gold training squads that a Parent or Guardian must also be a member of the Club.

Proposal A2
Add a new sentence to the end of paragraph BL3.1
BL3.1  The subscription of existing members (agreed at the AGM) shall become due on 1 October in each year and those of new members on the date of acceptance for membership.  The non-swimmers membership fee may be varied by decision of the committee depending on the level of volunteering work being carried out on behalf of the Club.

Proposals B – to amend auditors to be examiners and/or auditors.
Proposal B1
C6.2    Annual General Meeting (AGM)
C6.2.1 The Club shall hold an Annual General Meeting in the months of August or September to:
d)   Receive a report from the Examiners / Auditors.
f)   Appoint Examiners / Auditors for the Club’s Accounts

C7.3     The Accounts shall be examined / audited by an independent person(s) elected annually at the Annual General Meeting.

Proposal B2
BL6.2.6  The order of business for an AGM shall be:
l)    Appointment of Examiners / Auditors

BL7.1  The Treasurer shall arrange for the Examiner(s) / Auditor(s) to examine / audit and certify the Club accounts and balance sheet before presentation of an examined / audited summary to the AGM.

Proposal C – to come into line with the changes to the Scottish Swimming Governance Documentation.
Proposal C1
C3.3     All Club Members must be registered with the SASA in accordance with the categories defined in SASA Constitution C3.3.3as per SASA bye laws.

C4.1     The Club shall be subject to and bound by, Scottish Swimming Governance Documentation (SASA Constitution, Company Articles and Company Rules) the Constitution and Bye-Laws of the SASA, Memorandum, Articles and Rules of SASA Ltd. and the appropriate SASA District Rules.

C4.2     The Club shall comply with the Scottish Swimming SASA Codes of Conduct, the SASA Code of Ethics and the SASA Child Protection Guidelines.

C8.1     The Management Committee may take action (e.g. fine, suspend or cancel membership) against any Club Member proved guilty of infringing the Club’s Regulations (General or their own Section) or acting in such a manner as to bring disrepute to the Club.  Such action shall only be taken if the principles and procedures embodied in the Complaints, Appeals and Suspension & Fines sections of the Scottish Swimming Governance Documentation SASA Constitution Bye-Laws and the SASA Rules, have been applied.

C8.3     Grievances and Complaints involving doping, child abuse or other criminal offences shall be referred to the Scottish Swimming SASA Chief Executive within 48 hours, in accordance with SS Company Rule R12.1.4SASA Ltd. Rule R16.1.3.

C11.2   In the event of the dissolution of the Club, any funds, property and other assets shall not be distributed amongst the members of the Club in any way whatsoever, but shall be applied towards the objectives of Scottish Swimming the SASA.

Proposal C2
BL3.5  A Club member wishing to change their 1st or 2nd Claim Club must do so in accordance with SS Company Rule R5.2SASA Bye-Law BL8.2.4.

BL3.6  When an application for membership is turned down by the Management Committee the applicant must be advised of the reason and their right of appeal to Scottish Swimming the SASA, in writing.

BL5.10            The Management Committee shall appoint at least one Child Protection Officer (CPO) who has attended a Scottish Swimming an SASA approved training course.

BL8.3.4     If the decisions of the Enquiry Panel do not satisfy the person who made the grievance that person shall have a right of appeal to Scottish Swimming the SASA in accordance with Bye Law BL8.5.

BL8.4.1 A complaint is a formal expression of dissatisfaction or allegation of unfair practise in connection with aquatic sports as governed by Scottish Swimming the SASA.

BL8.4.2  A complaint must be made in accordance with SS Company Rules Section 12Section 16 of the SASA Ltd. Rules.

BL8.5.2 An appeal must be made in accordance with SS Company Rules Section 12Section 18 of the SASA Ltd. Rules.