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Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Cumbernauld Winter meet - Massive medal haul by Stirling Swimmers

Stirling Swimming were represented by swimmers in the agegroup 9-14 over the weekend at Cumbernauld and between them the swimmers brought home an impressive number of medals across all agegroups and

Angus Cameron
(Gold in 100 freestyle, Silver in 50 freestyle, 200 IM, 100 Buttefly and 100 backstroke)
Aisla Gordon (Gold in 100 freestyle, Bronze in 100 Buttefly)
Cara Smith (Silver in 100 backstroke, Bronze in 100 buttefly and 50 free)
Daniel Hesp (Silver in 100 Breaststroke and in 200 IM)
Conor Kerr (Silver in 100 buttefly)
Anastarsia Moffat (Silver in 50 freestyle)
Emma Stirling (Bronze in 100 freestyle, 100 backstroke, 200IM, 50 free)
Fraser Alison (Bronze in 100 butterfly)

Several swimmers were placed within the top 10, best placings shown here:
David Alison (4th in 100 buttefly)
Stuart Allen (4th in 200 IM)
Stuart Myles (5th in 100 butterfly)
Madeline Gill (7th in 100 buttefly)
Creag Doctor (7th in 100 breaststroke)
Jack Kerr (7th in 100 back)
Calum Hope (8th in 100 buttefly)
David Hughes (8th in 100 Buttefly)
Amarialla Moffat (8th in 50 freestyle)
Megan Brewster (8th in 100 breaststroke)

Also swimming from Stirling with personal bests with impressive Personal bests were
Grace Gill 26 second PB in 100 buttefly and Caroline Allan 7 second PB in 50 freestyle
Tammi Park, Sarah Hugget ,Rebecca Shillan,Nathan Stirling