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Friday, 19 September 2008


The club is going into a period of growth and to ensure that we manage this succesfully we need more volunteers. At the moment all comittee members are parents of swimmers in Gold or Silver A, though some do have a child in a lower squad too, we are consious that for the club to continue as successful as it is now we need to start recruiting from the Bronze and Silver B squad.

We have the following positions available:

Squad representative: 3 vacancies for Bronze B, Bronze A and Silver B, the role of the squad representatives are to represent the squads within the committee to ensure our decisions always reflect the needs of all squads.

Kit Shop Manager: We are looking for someone to take on managing the Kit shop, this job consists of ordering kit, running shop at club and maintaining the shop books.

Communication Manager: The club today communicates to parents/swimmers and other interested via mail email website and in the press, as the club is growing we belive we need a tighter focus on communication.