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Thursday, 12 June 2008

Sponsored swim by Stirling Swimmers to Beijing

Swimmers at Stirling Swimming club will be aiming over the summer to swim the distance from Stirling to Beijing for the Olympics 2008, a total of 7,986,000 meters, to raise funds for the club.

To achieve this each swimmer will have a personal target, depending on their squad, to swim between now and August.

We will be tracking the club’s progress throughout the summer checking how far we have reached. Keep an eye on the website to see our progress on the website

Swimmers in Bronze A & B will aim to swim a total of 25km each

Swimmers in Silver B will aim to swim a total of 100km each

Swimmers in Silver A and Gold will aim to swim a total of 260km each.


Each swimmer will be asking sponsors to either sponsor them for reaching their target or to sponsor them per kilometre.

Swimmers can start swimming from June 14 until and including August 23 - on this day we will tally all swims and the total sponsorship.

There will be a prize to the swimmer with the highest sponsorship and also prizes for individual efforts.

All money raised through this event will go toward the development of swimmers at Stirling Swimming club.