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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Stirling Junior Open meet





Sunday 2nd October 2011@ the Peak


Dear Parents, friends and older swimmers,


As we are about to run one of our Galas at the Peak we need your help to make this event to run smoothly.  Can you please see your way to volunteer to take up a role over the day, even if it's just for one or two hours?


If you are available could you put your name down to take on a role on the sheet on the board at the Uni and state whether you have a preference to what you will be doing and whether you will be available in the morning or afternoon or indeed all day (see roles below). I would ask though that if you wish to officiate please indicate which level you are at (timekeeper, judge 1 or 2, referee, etc) as well as which session or sessions you can do.


If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me either by email ( or grab me whilst I am on poolside at the Uni on a Saturday morning.


May I remind you that these meets are vital in the running of the club from a financial sense as well as giving our own swimmers a chance to race competitively. Thank you in advance to everyone who is helping to make this day a success, we can't do this without all your help.


Roles I need volunteers for:


Swimming officials, timekeeper/judge – as many as possible

Selling programmes at the door – 2-3 people per session

Helping on tombola, bottle and raffle stall – 3 people per session

Trophies – 2 people per session

Runners – 2 people per session

People to supply drinks to officials on poolside – 2 people per session

Marshalls – 2-3 people per session

Meet and greet VIP's and Life members – 1 person per session


If you wish to help on the day and haven't put your name forward before hand, please don't hesitate to find me on the day.  Offer of help is always welcome.


Jim Smith

Programming Convenor