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Sunday, 28 February 2010

Yellow Kickboard missing

a yellow kick board - someone picked up David Hughes’ a the end of the kick test yesterday. It is the usual yellow and blue (?) kick board with DH marked on it in marker pen. If you picked this up by mistake could you bring it to training


Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Swim Shop this Saturday

Reminder there is a swimshop this Saturday at the university 0800-1000.


Thursday, 18 February 2010

Note change to swims

Please note the following changes as a result of

Withdrawals to date




Fraser Allison


R1 to Confirmed Swim


Wednesday, 17 February 2010

IMPORTANT: West District Grp 1 - Major Roadworks WARNING !!!!

Major Road Works Planned for A80 this Saturday/Sunday


The following script is from Traffic Scotland website today


Hold cursor over yellow man at work sign on A80



Start Date/Time 20 Feb 2010 06:00 Saturday

End Date/Time 22 Feb 2010 06:00 Monday

Location  A80 M73 J3 - Condorrat BOTH DIRECTIONS Mollinsburn Interchange


Saturday 20th Feb 06:00-20:00 - A80 northbound lane 1 closed at M73 merge,
M73 merge lane closed with M73 traffic pushed into lane 1 of A80.

Saturday 20th Feb 20:00-08:00 - A80 reduced to 1+1 contraflow at Mollinsburn
M73 junction using traffic signals control to merge M73 traffic onto A80.

Sunday 21st Feb 08:00-06:00 - A80 northbound lane 1 closed at M73 merge,

M73 merge lane closed with M73 traffic pushed into lane 1 of A80.

New Bridge Beam installation works.




Whether you are approaching Cumbernauld from North or South you will be affected

and I strongly advise that you plan a route completely avoiding the A80.


Session starts will not be delayed.


Friday, 12 February 2010

Awards night

Please note the clubs awards night and family ceilidh has been moved to March 27 and will be held at the rugby club.
Please arrange for trophies to be handed back.

Edinburgh International (on tour) 2010

From the meet organisers!


We look forward to welcoming you all to the Edinburgh International Age group Championships.


In order to ensure a smoothly run meet we have detailed below a few points which we hope you will find useful.  We would ask that you pass them on to other members of your team.


Session Times

Sessions will be the same for each day


Morning                                   Afternoon                                 Finals

Warm Up:         08.00                Warm Up:         12.30                Warm Up:         16.30

Start:                09.00                Start                 13.30                Start:                17.00


Information Pack

An envelope containing a Meet Programme, Warm Up Schedule, Presentation Schedule, Estimated Time Line, Team Lines and Meal Tickets will be available from the information desk for each club on arrival.



All withdrawals must be made on the official forms provided.


Late withdrawals and withdrawals from Finals must be made at the recorders desk as normal.  In the interests of all competitors a rigorous approach will be taken to ensure compliance with the withdrawals procedures.



Any withdrawals from the morning heats on day one (Saturday) must be notified by email to no later than 6.00 pm on Friday 12th February.  Withdrawals from all other sessions, not previously notified, must be posted at the Recorders Desk, withdrawals for the afternoon sessions before 10:30am and for the evening sessions prior to 15:30pm



Withdrawals must be notified to the Recorders Desk within thirty minutes of the final’s list being posted and announced.  NB:  Reserves must marshal for the finals unless they are officially withdrawn.


Withdrawals must be notified to the recorders desk.


Any competitor withdrawing from a final in such a manner as to prevent a reserve taking part (except in the case of genuine illness or proven emergency) shall be suspended immediately from all further events at the Championships.


Please Note:   Any late withdrawals from Heats and Finals on medical grounds should be discussed with the Meet Director prior to submission to the Recorders.


Information and Recorders Desk

Information Desk:  This is located at the entrance to the changing village in the main foyer.


Recorders Desk:    This is located at the starting end of the pool in the first row of seating.


Warm Up/Swim Down

Guidelines for the effective running of warm-ups will be enclosed in your information pack.  Please note that there may be split warm-ups and we would ask that you co-operate with the marshals, especially in respect of lingering at the lane ends.  There must be no diving other than in Sprint Lanes, as notified, and absolutely no diving in the 4 x 25m pool.


The 4 x 25m pool will be available for additional warm-ups and for swim downs throughout the Competition.  We would ask you to ensure that your swimmers respect this facility and keep noise to an absolute minimum so as not to disturb those about to compete.  Should this facility be misused it will be withdrawn.


Start Sheets and Results

Start Sheets (for clubs) – These will be available from the Information Desk, on production of a coach’s pass, before and during each session on the basis of one per coaches pass purchased by each club.  Additional copies may be purchased from the Information Desk.


Results – Will be available on the Swim Scotland Web Site



Marshalling:  Competitors, including reserves, are requested to report to the call area (nest to the small “baby pool” 15 min in advance of heats/finals.  It is essential that swimmers marshal on time.  Swimmers who fail to do so will be deemed to have withdrawn from the event.


Seating:  For teams/competitors will be available as follows:


Teams and spectators will be allocated seating as directed by the Stewards.


For the avoidance of doubt, competitors may not sit in the areas reserved for the public. These areas are the third and forth banks of seating counting from the changing village end. This is a Glasgow City Council rule and if breached may result in the suspension of the meet. As such, any competitor found in breach of this rule will be withdrawn from the competition.


Extreme care should be taken by coaches and team staff when entering and leaving the swimmers seating area as the stairs will inevitably become wet and slippery.  Appropriate footwear must be worn at all times.



Over the top starts will be used in heats, where appropriate.

All starts will take place from the scoreboard end of the pool.  When the instruction from the Referee is given to ‘leave the water’, competitors should exit from either side of the pool to retrieve their belongings but are asked to wait until the next race is underway before leaving the starting area.  In the finals sessions all swimmers should exit the pool by the far side.


Personal Belongings

Competitors are strongly advised not to leave personal belongings in the changing rooms unless secured in a locker.  Valuable items should be deposited with the team staff and not taken to the marshalling or start areas.  Please bring to the attention of your swimmers that a charge of £7.50 will be made by Tollcross Leisure Centre in the event of lockers keys being lost.


Clothes baskets will be available at each lane end and competitors are recommended to make use of them.








Presentations will take place according to the presentation schedule.  Competitors are requested to comply with the schedule and any alterations (announced/published) to it.  The assembly point for prize winners will be at the far side of the pool at the start end (Lane 1 side). 

Should a competitor be unavailable to attend the presentation ceremony a representative may stand in.  This should be notified to the marshal.


It is the responsibility of the Coach/Team Manager to ensure that prize winners or a deputy be available for presentation as per the presentation schedule, a copy of which will be included in you information pack and posted around the pool.

Failure of a swimmer or deputy to attend the appropriate presentation will result in the swimmer forfeiting his/her prize.


Drug Testing

Please note that drug testing may be in operation at this event.  All competitors not registered with the SASA, WASA or the ASA will require to sign an agreement to undergo tests in accordance with FINA law.  Completed forms (copies enclosed) must be submitted to the Information Desk on arrival.


Reserves for Finals

A maximum of TWO reserves will be nominated for the final.  All reserves must inform the recorders of their intention to swim or withdraw.  In the case of the nominated reserves withdrawing, no further competitors will be nominated.


Training Times

It may be possible to arrange some training times directly with the pool on Friday 12th February.  This would be subject to availability.

Please contact:  The Duty Manager, Tollcross Park, Glasgow   Tel:  0141 276 0800



The pool management has requested that no outdoor shoes be worn on the poolside and that only coaches/team managers with a pass be allowed on the poolside to avoid congestion.  To allow for the smooth running of the Meet we ask that these requests are complied with. The pool staff also request that feet are dry before using the balcony stairs.


Yours sincerely



Brian Gilchrist

Meet Director




Sunday, 7 February 2010

Swim shop

there will be a swimshop on Saturday 27th February 8am to 10 am at the university 

Saturday, 6 February 2010

West District Group 1 / Confirmed and Reserve Swims

The following swimmers have confirmed/reserve swims for the West District Group 1 – February 20/21


1 Allan, Nicola

#203 Girls 13-14 100 Back

#211 Girls 13-14 400 IM

#303 Girls 13-14 100 Fly

2 Allison, David

#108 Boys 13-14 200 Fly

3 Allison, Fraser

#104 Boys 13-14 100 Breast

 #204 Boys 13-14 100 Back RES

4 Cameron, Angus

#306 Boys 10-12 200 Breast

#402 Boys 10-12 100 Free

5 Laidlaw, Nikoline

#103 Girls 13-14 100 Breast

#111 Girls 13-14 400 Free

#307 Girls 13-14 200 Breast

#311 Girls 13-14 800 Free

#403 Girls 13-14 100 Free

#407 Girls 13-14 200 Back

6 Macarthur, Scott

#104 Boys 13-14 100 Breast

#112 Boys 13-14 400 Free

#204 Boys 13-14 100 Back

#208 Boys 13-14 200 Free

#304 Boys 13-14 100 Fly

#312 Boys 13-14 200 IM

#408 Boys 13-14 200 Back

7 Millar, Rebecca

#101 Girls 10-12 100 Breast

 #201 Girls 10-12 100 Back

8 Nelson, Ciaran

#102 Boys 10-12 100 Breast

#110 Boys 10-12 400 Free

#202 Boys 10-12 100 Back

#210 Boys 10-12 400 IM

#306 Boys 10-12 200 Breast

#310 Boys 10-12 200 IM

#402 Boys 10-12 100 Free

#406 Boys 10-12 200 Back

9 Shilliday, Ella

#101 Girls 10-12 100 Breast

#105 Girls 10-12 200 Fly

#109 Girls 10-12 400 Free

#209 Girls 10-12 400 IM

#301 Girls 10-12 100 Fly

#305 Girls 10-12 200 Breast

#309 Girls 10-12 800 Free

10 Smith, Cara

#201 Girls 10-12 100 Back

#401 Girls 10-12 100 Free

11 Whitehead, Jordon

#112 Boys 13-14 400 Free

 #204 Boys 13-14 100 Back

#208 Boys 13-14 200 Free

#304 Boys 13-14 100 Fly

#312 Boys 13-14 200 IM

#404 Boys 13-14 100 Free

#408 Boys 13-14 200 Back

12 Wilson, Claire

#103 Girls 13-14 100 Breast

#111 Girls 13-14 400 Free

#203 Girls 13-14 100 Back

#207 Girls 13-14 200 Free

#303 Girls 13-14 100 Fly

#311 Girls 13-14 800 Free

#407 Girls 13-14 200 Back

#411 Girls 13-14 200 IM