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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Training Schedule

The updated training schedule has now been posted on the website

Please also note the general rules which applies to training:

  • Swimmers should arrive on poolside 10-15 minutes before the start of a swim session. This will allow time for stretching and will prevent injury, ensure that everyone can start the session on time and together and so that all the chatting and news from school, etc can be got out of the way.
  • Swimmers must not be dropped off and left without first checking that the session is one. Occasionally unforeseen circumstances such as power cuts means that a session may be cancelled at short notice.
  • Parents to arrive on poolside/in foyer at least five minutes before the end of a session. This is in the interests of safety and so that the coach will know that all swimmers are picked up. The coaches responsibility finishes at the end of the session, not 15 minutes late.
  • If you know you are going to miss a session, let the coach know in advance. If you are ill and going to be off for more than one session, let the coach know. Three or more unexplained absences in a month may result in the swimmer being removed from the squads. There are loads of swimmers in lower squads and lessons who are desperate to get a squad place and improve their swimming.
  • No toilet breaks to be taken during the sessions unless in an emergency! Swimmers jumping in and out of the water to go to the toilet disrupts the training session.
  • Most important of all - LISTEN, LEARN and HAVE FUN